My name is Aäron Vanmaele, I’m 26 and I’m a Belgian journalist. I’ve always loved writing so why not make my passion my profession. In my spare time I love going to concerts with friends and experiencing new things. I also love traveling but unfortunately I haven’t really had the time nor the money to travel a lot.


This blog is a personal blog, so I will post articles about whatever I like, love or hate. That can go from fashion topics to political items. Music will be very present on my blog. Since music is one of my biggest passions I’m always searching for new, fresh tunes to enrich my life.


I will try to post a new article every day. On a good day I post up to 3 or 4 items. I will certainly try to keep you entertained, that’s a promise!

I hope you enjoy reading and watching my blog!


Aäron V.




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