Five Belgian Artists To Watch In 2022

As we enter the new year, the Belgian hip hop/r&b industry is more popping than ever. We selected a couple of Belgian artists who should be on your radar in 2022.


Maka will be dropping his debut EP ‘Sortez Les Couverts, Vol.1’ later this month and has been dropping banger after banger in 2021, he released his latest single ‘Joujoux’ earlier this week and it might already be one of the best drill tracks of 2022.

Favourite tracks: Brigand, Joujoux


Beka first blew up when her first song ‘Benda’ went viral on TikTok. Her sophomore single ‘Triple M’ was proof that she was more than a one hit wonder and in the meantime she also secured a collaboration with Dutch rapper Latifah dubbed ‘La Mère Du Game’ which serves a great introduction for Beka to the Dutch crowd as well.

Favourite tracks: Triple M, La Mère Du Game


Leuven-based rapper Vinci is part of what you could call Leuven’s golden generation alongside Dyce & the former group Rewind. While they choose to rap in English he chose Dutch. Great choice if you ask us. His confident flow & hard lyrics make him one of the most promising Belgian rappers right now.

Favourite tracks: Nieuwe Lijn, Bitch Please

Crack Elliot

Most of you will never have heard of this artist but that will change really soon. He just dropped a project with Retnik Beats dubbed ‘Parkbench Saints’ & all four tracks are straight fire & we’re excited to find out what Crack Elliot has in store for us in 2022.

Favourite tracks: Crack Leflair, Cradle To The Grave


This Brussels-based artist has a very unique & international sound. His latest EP ‘Wavy’ was a true gem & without a doubt one of our favourite projects of last year. 2022 promises to be a great year for Rea as he has a lot of music in the vault, ready to be heard by the world.

Favourite tracks: Daily Paper, Therapy


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