Mr. Probz: Dutch Rapper Making It Big In The U.S

Dennis Princewell Stehr (29), better known as Mr. Probz, is a Dutch hip hop artist, songwriter and producer of Danish and Antillean descent. He grew up in Zoetermeer, a small village in the Netherlands but that didn’t stop him from getting famous over the borders, more specifly in the United States. He has worked together with a lot of American rappers such as Joell OrtizRaekwon and Joe Budden. But Mr. Probz hasn’t forgotten where he’s from. He’s a well-known name in the Dutch rapscene. This summer he sang the chorus of The Opposites big summer hit Sukkel Voor De Liefde

I got to know Mr. Probz through a friend of mine who’s from Holland. Back in 2010 he let me hear a song by him called Who Are You? and I immediatly knew that this dude was gonna be big in a couple of years. Here we are in 2013 and it’s the year of his debut album The Treatment which can be downloaded for free on Soundcloud. While listening to the album I noticed that he has made a lot of progress. Being a producer himself, nowadays his beats are tailor-made for his raw voice. my personal favourites are Don’t Fuck With Me, on which he samples Drake’s Dreams Money Can Buy and Look At Us Now.

I hope you guys enjoy the album!


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