Miloh Smith: A Soulful Gangster

I discovered this amazing artist just yesterday (I know, shame on me) I saw the video for her song French and I just couldn’t stop listening. There’s something magical about this song. Her voice is so relaxing and fits the loungy eclectic beat perfect.

After listening to the song for like a million times I started doing some research. Turns out Miloh Smith already has a mixtape out titled Suite 404 and is working on a new project called Pulp Fiction. I was very pleased when I heard Suite 404. The young rapper/singer who’s born and raised in Atlanta is influenced by artist such as Drake and Prince. You could surely recognize these influences on her debut project. She goes from rapping to singing like it’s nothing and while being brilliant already you can tell that there’s still room for improvement. Revolver, a song which will be on her next project Pulp Fiction sounds even more genius than the things I had already heard. I can’t wait until the project gets released. But for now enjoy the sounds of the soulful gangster that is Miloh Smith.



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