The Same Man (Poem)

Since a couple of months, people have been looking at me strange

What happened? What changed? Is it the way I dress, my attitude?

I don’t know, I’ve been looking for the answers

In the beginning I didn’t mind, I could’ve cared less

But now it stays on my mind, I’m no longer careless

So I decided to speak my mind and to air this

Since a couple of months, I’ve had this beard

Could this be the reason people look at me like I’m weird?

Am I no longer the same man? Have I converted to a religion a lot of people fear?

No, I haven’t. But what if I did, what then?

Would you look at me different? If yes, why?

Being a muslim wouldn’t make me different, yet a lot of people see some bearded men as aliens

I’ve never been discriminated, and I probably never will be

But since I’ve had this beard , muslim men said Salaam Alaikum and some white people ignored me

I found that horrible, it shows that we all have these preconceived ideas that are worthless

The fact that you wouldn’t say hello to me regardless isn’t right

A lot of people told me that I should get rid of my beard, some even said I look like a terrorist

They should get rid of their stereotypes, they are the terrorists

I call it mental terrorism, trying to shape people to their image

I didn’t know that a little bit of facial hair could change people’s opinion about me that much

I also didn’t know that it could change my opinion about people that much

And for those who still haven’t figured out yet, yes I’m still the same man. Just a little bit wiser

 Thank you very much!



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