Check out this dope Versace mural by Tristan Eaton

Pow Wow Hawaii teamed up with American street artist Tristan Eaton to create a mural in honour of the opening of the first Versace store in Honolulu. It was painted over the course of 5 days in February 2014 using only spray paint. Centered around the Italian fashion house’s iconic Medusa logo which first made its mark in the fashion world in the ’80s, the mural exhibits Eaton’s use of pastel colors alongside his adept skills with the spray can. Transforming the walls of Kaka’ako into a psychedelic rendition, the legendary logo is further emphasized by Eaton’s pop culture-inspired detailing. Check out the result below and make sure to follow Tristan Eaton on Instagram for more of his work.

Versace 1

























Versace 4














Versace 8














Versace 7


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