Mechelen Muurt: Street Art For A More Vivid City

Grafitti artist Gijs Vanhee, who I’ve featured on this blog last year and who’s now Mechelen’s official city artist, has started a new concept in his hometown called ‘Mechelen Muurt’. Nine street artists are free to use the city walls as their canvas. The project should be finished by September 2015 and to end in beauty, Gijs Vanhee himself will provide a mural. The project started mid July and two murals have already been completed. A real-life size painting of Alice In Wonderland by Argentinian artist Milu Correch and a swimming pitbull by Bart Smeets aka Smates color the streets of Mechelen now. There will also be a lot of exhibitions and lectures in pop-up gallery Witte Rook during this project. Currently an exhibit by Antwerp-based street artist Dzia is taking place (until August 10). Check out the murals by Milu Correch and Smates below. To keep track of the project, like Mechelen Muurt on Facebook.

Alicia 1

Alicia 3

























Dog 5


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