Avalanche Reinvents The Gym Bag

‘Light differs in alternate places, bags differ for alternate souls’ is Avalanche‘s slogan. The Ghent-based bag business, which saw the light of day this April, has reinvented the classic gym bag for those who wish to rock that sporty swag with class. The high-end fabrics Avalanche uses, gives these bags an haute couture touch. To get your haute couture gym bag send an e-mail to info@avalanchebags.be. For now, check out the lookbook, shot by Eva Vlonk, below. Enjoy!

Avalanche 2 Avalanche 3 Avalanche 4 Avalanche 1 Avalanche 5 Avalanche 6 Avalanche 7 Avalanche 8 Avalanche 9 Avalanche 10 Avalanche 11




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