DJ Azer Presents New Party Concept Deuce Deuce On EarlyLate

On Friday September 19th a new club will open its doors in Ghent. Niche Club will supply you with the best in electronic music, something I’m very excited about. Every Wednesday DJ Azer, who curates the Hip Hop playlist for 22Tracks and who you might know from All Eyes On Hip Hop, will host a new party concept called Deuce Deuce. He will invite some of Belgian’s finest DJ’s when it comes to hip hop, trap and future beats. I can tell you that the line up for October looks pretty awesome. Yesterday DJ Azer swang by the EarlyLate radio show on FM Brussels to give you a taste of what you will be hearing if you choose to attend one of his Deuce Deuce parties. Get ready to turn up for about 30 minutes. His set is followed by a set of EarlyLate’s resident DJ Mr. Leenknecht. Check out Deuce Deuce‘s DJ line up for October and listen to DJ Azer‘s set for EarlyLate here. Enjoy!

Deuce Deuce

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