Singer Loopnah Kaya Talks About Inspirations, Collaborations And Forthcoming Projects

Picture by Nina Petitot Mestdagh

Picture by Nina Petitot Mestdagh

Loubna Kaya aka (Loopnah) Kaya is an up-and-coming 27-year old songstress. After finishing her studies in audio engineering the Brussels-based artist with Moroccan roots decided it was time to chase her dreams. About five months ago she released her debut solo project Purple Bedroom Mixtape and a couple of weeks ago she released a track with producer Dave Luxe which was featured on Canadian label PlayItLouder’s third compilation album and got over 40,000 plays on Soundcloud. Into The Urban had a talk with her about her inspirations, collaborations and future projects.

ITU: Do you come from an artistic family?
Kaya: “Not really, both of my parents are teachers but they have always been very interested in music and art. My mom used to give theatre lessons and has a beautiful voice. They are very involved when it comes to my music and the advice they give me is very constructive.”

ITU: When did you realize you wanted to make music?
Kaya: “I don’t really know. It’s like I’ve always wanted it actually because I’ve been into music since forever. I started experimenting with music about ten years ago. It took me a while to release a solo project, but this year I finally released my debut EP Purple Bedroom Tape.”

ITU: You released that EP about five months ago, how did people respond to that project?
Kaya: “I got some nice reviews which is cool but I’m still growing and that’s normal I think because it’s my first project. I didn’t really promote the EP either because I don’t have a promo crew and I don’t perform a lot. I’m more of a studio artist. That’s something I’m working on. I need to get the hell on stage and do my thing, so people will notice me.”

ITU: Speaking about people noticing you, have there been offers by record companies already?
Kaya: “Yes, but none of the deals matched my vision nor my interest so I prefer to fly free for the moment. The choises that matter most are those you make at the beginning and I’m at the start of a very long road so I’m very careful with things like that.”

ITU: Somebody else who noticed you was Dave Luxe, who’s signed to Canadian label PlayItLouder. How did you guys get in touch?
Kaya: “Well, that’s a funny story. Dave Luxe was one of my teachers back in Audio School, so we kind of knew eachother already. After he heard my single ‘Lady’ which is featured on my EP, he reached out for a collaboration. It was a great opportunity for me, so we started working on a track together. A couple of week ago our track ‘Looking Fine’ was released on PlayItLouder’s third compilation album.”

ITU: Will you be working together more often or was this a one-time thing?
Kaya: “Dave is a very talented producer and on top of that he’s a great guy. I’m blessed to have gotten a chance to work him, because he’s definitely on his way to the top. As far as I’m concerned this was definitely not a one-time thing.”

ITU: Talking about collaborations. Who else would you like to work with?
Kaya:  “They say: work until your idols become your rivals.So yeah, I’m dreaming big, and I wanna collaborate with one or many of the people who inspire me. A duet with Jill Scott. Why not? Sky is the limit!”

ITU: Who else inspires you?
Kaya:  My inspiration goes from oldschool to new school, from rock ‘n roll to jazz to trap/trill, but if I have to name 6 people who changed my life, I would have to say : Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Jill Scott. I’m more into revolutionary characters, they somehow change the way you look at life, and make you wanna be better at everything, not only at making music.”

ITU: What inspires you?
Kaya: “My life as a woman, relashionships, beautiful creatures, Love. Actually emotions in general.  Im a very nostalgic, and romatic person, so yeah at the end of the day, Im more of a fairy tales person. Sometimes I like to put that in my art, in one way or another.”

ITU: Who are your favourite artists at the moment?
Kaya:Kwabs, Jhené Aiko, and Tinashe. I really love their vibes.”

ITU: Favorite song at the moment?
Kaya: “If I must pick one, it would definitely be Bank Head by Kelela. I play that song everywhere : On the train, while washing dishes, at the gym, in the shower….everywhere!”

ITU: Any gigs coming up soon?
Kaya: “I’m performing in Brussels in October. I’ll also be hitting the stage in Morrocco later on. I also collaborated with OziOne, a very talented rapper from Bruges, on his very strong hiphop record The O, out on DAMPOORD last month, and I should be joining him for other live shows in Belgium.”

ITU: Are there any new projects that you’re working on?
Kaya: “I’m currently working on my second EP. Everything is coming together and I should be in the booth soon so be on the lookout.”


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