A$AP Rocky Spits Anti-#BEEN TRILL# Lyrics And Goes After HBA In His New Single “Multiply”

With the release of A$AP Rocky‘s new song/video MultiplyFlacko Jodye Season has now officialy begun. The new track has caused a bit of commotion as A$AP takes shots at some fashion brands he previously co-signed. “I ain’t really fuckin’ with that Been Trill / Swear them n*ggas booty like ‘Tip Drill’ / Nah I ain’t really into throwin’ shots / But these motherfuckers better give me my props.” These lines were first heard during Flacko‘s perfomance at Coachella earlier this year. Another brand that didn’t escape the young rapper’s criticism was Hood By Air, the fashion label A$AP has consistently worn in the past and even has walked the runway for. Despite all of that Rocky raps, “HBA shit is weak, you can keep that.”

Heron Preston of #BEEN TRILL# supplied A$AP Rocky with a suitable and thought-provoking response on Instagram. The photo is a still from the Multiply video that places a verboten sign over the signature #BEEN TRILL# dripping font, accompanied with the following caption:

What happened to rapper on rapper beef? the days of biggie vs tupac & jay z vs nas are over. Remember how Nas’s “Ether” or Tupac “Hit Em Up” made you feel? Remember what that meant for rap music? The fact that a rapper dissed a clothing company is a huge sign of the times. does that mean rap is boring? has rap lost it’s edge? Today, power in music is style. power is fashion. Let’s keep this shit shocking and competitive! this is how you push things forward. and the song/video is good. let’s continue to shake shit up! our culture needs it.”

Check out A$AP Rocky‘s new video below.


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