Skywalker Vitaliy Raskalov Hits Antwerp, Takes Breathtaking Pictures

About a week ago 19-year old “skywalker” Vitaliy Raskalov paid a visit to Antwerp and shared some amazing pictures of the city’s beautiful skyline. Skywalking was invented in Russia, Raskalov’s home country. It basically means that you climb high buildings without taking safety measures. Once these skywalkers have reached their destination they post incredible videos and photos on social media. It became a trend in Russia real quick but Raskalov decided to start climbing high buildings all around the world which lead to a huge fanbase on Instagram of about 135,000 followers and the creation of a site called On The Roofs . Check out the breathtaking pictures he took of Antwerp below and make sure to follow Vitaliy Raskalov on Instagram for amazing rooftop views of your favourite cities.

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#ontheroofs #antwerpen #belgium

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Antwerp 2

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