Snoop Dogg Explores His New Hobby In “The Art Of Inspiration”

After squashing the Twitter beef with Iggy Azalea, Snoop Dogg gets back to business and the hip hop veteran has clearly found a new hobby. Painting. Earlier this year Snoop Dogg teamed up with Swedish company Happy Socks and designed a collection called The Art Of Inspiration.  In a short film for their joint venture by Snoop‘s creative team Cashmere Agency, Snoop and a group of assistants enter a white room lined with canvases, as the rapper takes his shirt off and gets to painting.

For many years, I’ve always wanted to paint, and I’ve been exploring the craft behind the scenes. I find that painting allows me to explore certain emotions I’ve never been able to express through my music or acting”

Check out the trailer for the short film below and head over to Dazed to see it in its entirety.


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