Childish Gambino Receives Kind Words From Erykah Badu

Childish Gambino‘s appreciation for Erykah Badu as a musician and a person can heard be heard in numerous of his songs. Turns out, the love is mutual. ‘Bino and Erykah Badu recently teamed up for a one-off performance in Berkeley, California. After the show, the lovely people over at Okayplayer had a chat with Ms. Badu. She talks about being introduced to Childish Gambino‘s music by her son, Seven, and has some kind words for the young actor-turned-rapper. Check out the interview below.



One response to “Childish Gambino Receives Kind Words From Erykah Badu

  1. Reblogged this on indemewzick and commented:
    Thats awesome, two very creative people giving each other props. Im sure we’ll hear about this in on of Gambino’s new songs haha

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