Timbaland Talks Aaliyah Movie, Protégé Tink & Much More With The Breakfast Club

Timbaland stopped by Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club to talk about the Aaliyah movie that aired this weekend. Timbo, and everybody else on the planet, didn’t like (to put it in a nice way) the depiction of the princess of R&B in the Lifetime biopic and went HAM on social media. He said the actress in the film Alexandra Shipp DM’d him on social media, and says he had nothing against her in his social media campaign against the film. “I wrote her back, I said you should do research before entering into something. Nothing against you, I just felt like whoever suggested that decision wasn’t a wise decision,” he explained. He even cleared up the movie’s mistakes about what really happened regarding how he and Missy Elliott began working with the late superstar. Instead of Aaliyah meeting with label reps and telling them she wanted to work the Virginia production duo like the movie portrayed, Timbo said his then-lawyer, Louise West, simply sent the singer a demo which she liked, and the rest is history.

Timmy also introduced one of his new artists. If you check out our site on a regular basis then you’re probably familiar with her. I’m talking about Chicago singer/rapper Tink. He could hardly contain his excitement about his 19-year-old discovery as he explained how he came to know about the Chicago artist and even went as far as saying that the album he’s working on with Tink might be his best one since Aaliyah’s One In A Million. “God just put her into my lap. I was in L.A., and Da Interns [producers] were playing their music, and then they played this one last song, and me and Jason Josh [a mixer] was like who is that?” he said. “Got on the phone with her, and now we’re here.” He then played some unheard tracks of Tink’s, one even featuring Jay Z and Rick Ross.

Check out the full interview below.



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