ACNE Launches Curater: The World’s First Digital Art Exhibition System

Stockholm-based luxury brand ACNE introduces Curater, a digital exhibition network capable of showcasing images of exclusive artwork from internationally renowned artists in collaboration with leading art institutions and curators around the world. The basic idea of the service is to stream curated art exhibitions from the world’s best artists and curators right into your home. The screen will display 6-8 exhibitions per year. Curater is a closed subscription-based system, by invitation only. Through the brand’s own high definition, ultra-thin LED canvas (see images below), users can experience new art exhibitions in their own homes, streamed directly onto the LED screens. At launch only 500 of these screens will be distributed and for a minimal monthly fee, you will be able to enjoy changing art exhibitions right in your home.

Curater 3 Curater 2 Curater 1


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