Daily Paper Spring/Summer 2015 Chapter 1 Lookbook

Amsterdam-based label Daily Paper recently unveiled the lookbook for the first part of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection which is inspired by Morocco‘s rich culture and beautiful landscape. After travelling there for a photo shoot in early 2014, the design team of Daily Paper got inspired by the culture, colors and fabrics of the Moroccan people. Upon their return they got back to the drawing board and created 2 collections for the warmer seasons.

The first chapter is mainly inspired by the color palettes used by the Moroccan people and their use of fabrics, while the second chapter is heavily influenced by ancient and modern Berber tribe elements. With these two collections Daily Paper wants to celebrate North African culture while executing familiar silhouettes such as button-ups, long-sleeved T-shirts, crewnecks, nylon vests and classic bomber jackets. Look for the collection to online and at select stores January 31. Until then check out the lookbook below.

Daily Paper 1 Daily Paper 2 Daily Paper 3 Daily Paper 4 Daily Paper 5 Daily Paper 6 Daily Paper 7 Daily Paper 8 Daily Paper 9 Daily Paper 10 Daily Paper 11 Daily Paper 12 Daily Paper 13 Daily Paper 14 Daily Paper 15 Daily Paper 16 Daily Paper 17 Daily Paper 18 Daily Paper 19


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