Stromae’s Amazingly Animated ‘Carmen’ Video Slashes Hashtag Culture

Belgian pride Stromae has once again left the world speechless. Yesterday he premiered the music video for Carmen, a track from his sophomore album Racine Carrée via BuzzFeed. As often Stromae‘s latest video contains a strong, global message. This time around he tackles the fact that social media can be very deceptive. Throughout the video we witness how Stromae‘s drawn doppelgänger fascination with Twitter turns into a social media nightmare. The video was directed by the world-renowned French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet (‘The Triplets of Belleville’ and ‘The Illusionist) who gave the cartoon his signature evocative style. Check out Stromae‘s modern-day rendition of Carmen below.

In 1875 Georges Bizet compared love to a rebellious bird. 140 years later (and in 140 characters-messages) love is a blue bird.”



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