Trillers Clothing Spring 2015 Capsule Collection

Earlier this year Ghent-based party concept Trillers celebrated its one year anniversary with none other than Soulection‘s Mr. Carmack and joined forces with Moonlight to organise a Soulection Label Night at Bazaar in Brussels. What started out as a Soundcloud page promoting and celebrating the Future Beats movement went from o to 100 real quick as the party concept and its founder Jef Willem aka Eagl have become well-respected in the Belgian party scene and now he’s taking things a step further once more.

Emphasizing the fact that Trillers is a lifestyle an exclusive clothing collection will be available very soon. The collection consists of a Trillers Classic tee, a Classic crewneck, a Classic carbon snapback, a long tee with side zippers & leatherlook short sleeves, a tall hoody and a sweater with leatherlook sleeves. The collection will be launched at Heads or Tails in Ghent on May 9. Check out the lookbook below.

Trillers 1 Trillers 2 Trillers 3 Trillers 4 Trillers 5 Trillers 6 Trillers 7 Trillers 8 Trillers 9

2 responses to “Trillers Clothing Spring 2015 Capsule Collection

  1. amazingly dope & minimal collection….loving the vibe and the photos.
    that blond lock though????why all of a sudden haaha

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