Stussy Spring/Summer 2015 New Arrivals 3

Stussy‘s third drop from its expansive Spring/Summer 2015 collection is here. The latest release finds the brand celebrating 35 years of style with some classic looks from the 80’s and 90’s. The collection includes a variety of  seasonal staples such as tank tops, graphic tees, woven shirts, football jerseys and logo sweats infused with classic brand iconography. Check out the lookbook below.

stussy 1 stussy 2 Stussy 3 stussy 4 stussy 5 stussy 6 stussy 7 stussy 8 stussy 9 stussy 10 stussy 11 stussy 12 stussy 13 stussy 14 stussy 15 stussy 16 stussy 17 stussy 18 stussy 19 stussy 20 stussy 21


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