Explore Brussels’ Subway Life Through The Lens Of Tallita Ortiz

People from all walks of life use Brussels’ subway on a daily basis. About a year ago photographer Tallita Ortiz de la Torre decided to start documenting Brussels’ life beneath the streets on her blog dubbed Brussels Underground. These pictures brilliantly show how diverse our capital is and give great insight into the city and its inhabitants. This great project hasn’t gone unnoticed as she recently received a well-deserved nomination for a BILL Award. Check out some of Tallita Ortiz de la Torre‘s stunning pictures below and vote for the young photographer here.

brsubway1 brsubway2 brsubway3 brsubway4 brsubway5 brsubway6 brsubway7 brsubway8 https://d19tqk5t6qcjac.cloudfront.net/i/412.html https://d19tqk5t6qcjac.cloudfront.net/i/412.html


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