A Stunning Look At Brussels From The European Capital’s Rooftops

Sebastien Nagy is one of the guys behind Madcity, one of Brussels’ dopest parties, but when he’s not organising parties he wanders the streets, armed with a camera and ready to document the beauty of our capital. Together with his friend and fellow photographer Ferdinand Choffray, who recently got featured in the The Huffington Post, he takes pictures that will make you think Brussels is some sort of urban paradise. Every once in a while Nagy and Choffray who use the Instagram handle @ssnnas and @ferdinandchoffray get on a rooftop to capture our capital’s skyline from different parts of the city. Check out their stunning pictures below and make sure to follow them on Instagram for more amazing rooftop views of Brussels.

Sebastien Nagy


Ferdinand Choffray

BX7 BX8 BX9 BX10 BX11


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