Woodie Smalls’ Birthday Party Is Better Than Yours In ‘About The Dutch’

Ever since Belgian rapper Woodie Smalls dropped his first single Champion Sound earlier this year, he’s been riding a wave of succes which he seems not to be coming down from anytime soon. Earlier this week Noisey premiered the video of his second and last single ,dubbed About The Dutch, off his EP-turned-album Soft Parade which is slated to drop on September 18. The video for About The Dutch sees Woodie Smalls, his longtime partner in crime K1D and the rest of his crew throw an epic birthday party in a surreal setting. Here’s what the Sint-Niklaas native told Noisey regarding the concept behind About The Dutch:

Initially we planned on doing something totally different but ran into some problems clearing locations. As a response to that we came up with this idea to build our own sets and make it all look a bit weird and surreal. We hustled some props left and right to fit our vision and bit by bit we all felt this look and overal fun vibe worked way better with the track.”

Soft Parade is set to drop on September 18 and Woodie Smalls will be throwing a free release party at Trix in Antwerp that night so be on the lookout and join the parade. Check out About The Dutch below and RSVP here to attend the free release party.


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