Meet Jon The Gold & Check Out His Balmain X H&M Street Style Guide

Hi I’m Jonathan, founder and editor at My blog is a fashion blog dedicated to menswear and lifestyle. Through my blog I aim to inspire young men all around the globe while keeping their wardrobe updated with the latest menswear trends functioning and thinking like a weekly style guide.


It all started four years ago when I started a small blog called but it wasn’t until last January when I started that I wanted to show the world what I had in mind.

I’ve always been affected by the style virus. When I started reading men magazines like Esquire, Details Mag, Men’s Health, GQ, I discovered my signature style: Urban Chic. I’m all in for a sophisticated and clean men’s look with an edgy urban spin to it.


I don’t work on the content alone of course. The photos I publish on my blog are taken by Antwerp based photographers/friends I got to know thanks to the wonderful #BlogLife . My first photographer ever was Tatjana Hendericks. We worked together on a dapper style series of photos and on some edgy urban concepts too. After Tatjana I met Thomas Vanhoyweghen aka Hoymedia who now is working for the Princess Blue company in Antwerp. We’ve been working together for 2 years now. Every time we meet up for a photoshoot it’s show time. A very talented photographer in my opinion. When Thomas had less time to shoot due to his work I had to slowly search for an extra photographer and thanks to my social skills I found myself another photography beast: Didier Van Hove. He’s a mad crazy photographer. The style of his photography is so authentic and I dig that about him.


For my latest project I had to hit the homie Thomas up, about a month ago, to be the photographer for my second collaboration with H&M Belgium. They asked me to feature the Balmain x H&M collection on JON THE GOLD. I felt exclusive because at that time because the collection was only seen by the insiders. With my second street style guide I wanted to properly introduce my readers to the highly anticipated Balmain x H&M collection + a street style guide for Balmain x H&M written by Jon The Gold. That project lead to me and Thomas breaking in the new Artesis College campus downtown again to find the perfect lighting , setting, interesting angles, etc. The result is captivating. Feel free to check out my Street Style Guide for Balmain x H&M on JON THE GOLD.

foto 4

foto7foto6 foto5


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