Stream Bringhim’s ‘Young Phoenix: The Fall’ EP

Bringhim‘s highly anticipated debut EP Young Phoenix: The Fall is here. Back in May 2015 the artist formerly known as Bay-B Da Kid made his big comeback with the Middle Eastern-inspired banger Pocahontas. About  a month ago he released his second single off the project dubbed Chronology featuring Brussels-based emcee Nixon and now his first full project as a Vangarde Music recording artist is here. Stream it below, get your digital copy here and be sure to check out our interview with Bringhim about his past, his present & his future which is looking very bright if you ask us.

You earned your stripes under the moniker Bay-B Da Kid. What’s the biggest difference between Bay-B & Bringhim?

Bay-B Da Kid was me with no artistic filter. Back then I felt like showcasing every talent I had was going to take my career to the next level. I remember being less mature in my lyrics, rapping more and doing alot of bragadoccio. I’ve learned to accept that I don’t get to choose my talent but that I’m born with it and that I have to develop it. No matter how bad I wanted to be a rapper I turned out becoming a singer/songwiriter that also produces and raps from time to time.

You took a break of about three years. Did you need that break to reinvent yourself as an artist?

Yes, just like a real phoenix, I had to take that break to come back brighter than before. Next to the fact that I was growing out of the Bay-B Da Kid character, I also had this period where all my peers where getting signed or walking out of the music business. So I ended up having no beatmaker, no team, no nothing.. So I took those 3 years to work on my beatmaking skills, managing skills and to learn everything I needed to know to be able to run my own shit.

How did the name for the EP Young Phoenix: The Fall come about? Does it stand for your musical rebirth?

Exactly. The Fall is the first chapter where I’m talking about the times when I felt like I was losing my religion and my skills. The times when there was a lot of distraction and doubt, the times that were supposed to lead to my downfall, but I managed to self rehabilitate myself in due time.

What can the listeners expect from this EP?

The production value is crazy on this one and so is the songwriting. I’ve decided to collaborate with different producers which I normally don’t do just to make sure the people get the best sonic experience. It’s interactive with interludes, hidden tracks and a lot more. It’s really like a deluxe EP.

What’s next for Bringhim?

Everything’s a go, man. Thats all I can say. There is alot that is about to happen. I am fortunate enough to be able to present my EP in one of Belgiums biggest venues one week after it’s release. I mean what more can you ask for. I got an outstanding team behind the scenes, so expect the unexpected.

Last question: if Bringhim were to battle Bay-B Da Kid, who would win?

Bay-B Da Kid would probably win, because Bringhim doesn’t have time for that shit. (laughs)

Bringhim will be perfoming at Bazaar on February 3 as support act for OG Maco & on February 8 he will be warming up for Jason Derulo at Vorst Nationaal in Brussels.


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