Antwerp Is Burning: The First Belgian Vogue Function Is Here

Vogue is a highly stylized, modern house dance that originated from the Harlem ballroom scene in the 1980s. It first gained mainstream exposure when it was featured in Madonna‘s video for Vogue and when showcased in the groundbreaking documentary Paris Is Burning. The last few Vogue has become immensly popular in European cities such as Paris and Amsterdam which have been the host of multiple vogue balls. Now for the first time ever, there will be a vogue function held in Antwerp. On Saturday, April 16, vogue dancers from all over Europe will make their way to Trix in Antwerp to strut their stuff on the runway and showcase their fierceness. The function is organized by Kitty Vineyard of the House of Vineyard and Belgium’s only ninja Lynn Andries who is part of the legendary House of Ninja which was founded by the late Willi Ninja who is considered the godfather of voguing.

Willi Ninja

The legendary Willi Ninja

Participants will be able to compete in three categories: Runway, Waacking, Voguing (Vogue Fem, Old Way or New Way) and will be judged by Amber Vineyard (House of Vineyard), Shiva Vineyard (House of Vineyard) & Lasseindra Ninja (House of Ninja). As with every vogue ball there’s also a dresscode. Participants should dress up as a sexy asassin, an undercover agent, a hit(wo)man, a spy, a samoura or a ninja.
The Double O Function will take place on April 16 at Trix in Antwerp from 6 PM until 10 PM. RSVP here!

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