Careaux Talks About Working With Puma, Filling Pieces, Her Endless Love For Sneakers & Pokémon Go

Last month Avenue & illustrator/sneaker designer Careaux teamed up for a release party of the Dutch-based creative’s AW16 collection with Puma and we had the privilege to ask her a few question about her collaboration with Puma, designing sneakers, Pokémon Go and much more.

Interview by Aäron Vanmaele
Pictures by Mutale Sampa

Careaux 3

In an interview with Highsnobiety you said your dream collaboration would be with Puma, how did if feel when that dream became reality?

“Well, when I had the interview with Highsnobiety I actually already knew that I was going to collaborate with Puma. It was really tricky because I already had to promote it a little bit without saying too much. When I first got in touch with Puma I was really suprised because I didn’t expect for them to see my work. Working with a big brand like Puma seemed out of my league but now it’s real.”

How did the collab come about?

“The conversation about the collaboration took place at Sneakerness in Paris and I thought they weren’t serious but six months later they sent me an e-mail to go to their headquarters and that’s where everything started.”

Sandra Hilaerts wearing Puma x Careaux AW16 for Avenue Sneakerstore (Picture by Kelly Fober)

You recently landed a job as womens sneaker designer at Filling Pieces. Was designing sneakers always something you dreamt of or did it grow on you while you were making your art?

“I’ve always loved sneakers and I think that the idea of being a sneaker designer was always in the back of my mind but I never expected it to really happen. I always thought I was going to be an artist, creating art and doing exhibitions… Eventually when the art came around and I started drawing some of my favourite sneakers it dawned on me like “hey, maybe I should design sneakers.”

You’re a big sneakerhead. A couple of years ago you did an exhibition called All Time Favorites about artists’ favourite sneakers. What is your All Time favorite pair?

“Definitely the Flamingos because it’s the sneaker that got me into collecting and illustrating.”


I took a look at your Instagram and I saw that besides sneakers you also have a thing with Pokémon Go. What’s your biggest catch so far?

“Pikachu, no doubt. I was in Sydney like two weeks ago and I was walking around the city and they have so many Pokémon everywhere. I was going crazy. I was superhappy when I caught an Oddish, it’s like a boring Pokémon, it’s just the grass type but I was super excited because I had never seen it before nonetheless Pikachu is and always will be my favorite Pokémon.”

Which level are you at?

“I’m at level 17 right now but I don’t play it that much. I love Pokemon but I would not go crazy and be out all night. I prefer my sleep and I think it’s dangerous because you never know who’s waiting at that Pokémon stop for you.”

If you had to choose between getting paid to chase Pokémon all day or designing sneakers, what would you choose?

“Designing sneakers. I love my sneakers and if I’m designing sneakers I can put my phone next to me and catch Pokémon while I’m working. That’s a win-win situation right there.”

IMG_0488 IMG_0493 IMG_0496

The Puma x Careaux AW16 collection is now available online & at Avenue Sneakerstore.


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