Daily Paper Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook

Amsterdam-based clothing label Daily Paper is back with their Fall/Winter 2016 lookbook. For its latest collection the brand drew inspiration from the tribes of the Okavango Delta. The inhabitants of the region are known for fishing and their rain-making process and are therefore known as The Rain-makers of Okavango. Inspired by this tribe and their rituals Daily Paper worked on a collection of water repellent garments, hence the title The Rain protectors of Okavango.

The first drop of the Fall/Winter 2016 will be available on Saturday the 10th of September via Daily Paper’s online store and their Amsterdam flagship store. Until then, check out the lookbook below.

dp1-fw dp2-fw dp3-fw dp4-fw dp5-fw dp6-fw dp7-fw dp8-fw dp9-fw dp10-fw dp12-fw dp13-fw dp14-fw dp15-fw dp16-fw dp17-fw dp18-fw dp19-fw dp20-fw dp21-fw dp22-fw dp23-fw dp24-fw dp25-fw dp26-fw dp27-fw dp28-fw


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