Five Belgian Female Artists To Watch In 2019

The future is female now more than ever. That’s definitely the trend we’ve been seeing in the Belgian musical landscape in 2018. For a long time the only women really making noise inside & outside of Belgium were Marie Daulne (Zap Mama), who even recorded a track with the legendary Erykah Badu, Ya Kid K in the late eighties/early nineties & most recently Coely who took the scene by storm when she dropped her first hit ‘Chasing Pavements’ back in 2012 & has been rocking festivals all over the globe ever since. Now, seven years later there’s a whole wave of talented female artists who are ready to conquer Belgium (and the rest of the world). We selected five women who we think will lead the pack in 2019.

Blu Samu

This young Antwerp-raised, Brussels-based MC/singer quickly made a name for herself when she moved to Brussels and befriended the guys from Le 77 & Stikstof. Back in 2017 she dropped a sublime, introspective debut single dubbed ‘I Run’ which was very well received and really launched her carreer. Since then she has released a couple of other singles, her debut EP ‘Moka’ on which she showcased her signature uncoventional singing flows and energetic raps and played at a lot of big festivals during the summer. It’s safe to say that the future is looking very bright for Blu Samu.

Martha Da’ro

Most of you know Martha Da’ro as the charismatic female singer of the Belgian hip hop collective Soul’Art or as Mavela from the movie ‘Black’. Last year the award-winning actress decided to reveal her skills as a solo artist to the world and we’re convinced that she will not disappoint. Back in August she dropped a lush, acoustic loosie via SoundCloud dubbed ‘Orange Mood’ followed by her first official single ‘Summer Blues’ which is a dreamy R&B-infused ballad. The promising singer also annouced that she will be releasing a debut EP dubbed ‘Cheap Wine & Paris’ so definitely be on the lookout for that project.

Ruby Grace

This 20-year old singer has only released one track yet but her debut single ‘Lipgloss’ and the accompanying video were so captivating that we had to include Ruby Grace in this list. Floating between pop and soul she creates she creates an ethereal vibe and sound that will definitely have international appeal. Ruby Grace is currently working on new music and we have no doubt that 2019 will be a big year for her.


When Antwerp-based artist Wayi and her sister decided to put covers on YouTube they quickly created a buzz and they got invited to a lot of Belgian radio stations to perform those covers. Who would have thought this would be the beginning of blossoming carreer as a singer-songwriter. In 2017 she appeared on TheColorGrey‘s debut album and she also teamed up with K1D for his song ‘Delorean Dreams’ but it wasn’t until 2018 that Wayi decided to release her own music. In February she released an empowering debut single dubbed ‘The Way I Am’ followed by a lush second single titled ‘Temporary’.

What immediately sparked our interest are her honest lyrics and the passion in her voice. Listening to a Wayi song is like reading a page of her diary. She is currently working on her debut project which is slated to drop in 2019.

Miss Angel

Miss Angel burst onto the scene when she dropped her debut single ‘Ghetto Supahstar’ back in March. Her catchy bars and ill flow are just a small part of what makes her a promising MC. Her enery on stage is contagious and after releasing two other bangers dubbed ‘Money Making Mami’ & ‘All Of The Shmoke’ she is gearing up to release a debut project in 2019. Be ready is all we’re saying.



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