K1D Shares New EP ‘Lonely Hour(s)’

About a month ago Sint-Niklaas based rapper K1D dropped a banger dubbed ‘Check’ alongside Bhavi & Krisy and announced that he was putting out a new EP this summer. That EP is dubbed ‘Lonely Hour(s)’ and tackles loneliness and the stigma that word comes with.

“People tend to think that loneliness is always bad, but I experience it as a good thing most of the time. The world spins so fast that you barely have anytime to think about your future and your plans, everything seems planned for you to follow a certain route and that can stiffle your creativity. Most of my creative ideas pop up in my head when I’m alone, at night for example, then all the background noise gets cancelled and you have more time and space to think. ‘Lonely Hour(s)’ comes from a place of loneliness and tackles the benefits as well as the disadvantages that stem from loneliness.”

The EP features Bhavi & Krisy and production from Smitty & Youngsor, Chuki, Dencho  & Phasm. Stream ‘Lonely Hour(s)’ here and give the title track, which is our personal fave, a spin below.


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