Stream Havana Club Sessions Vol.1 Featuring Krisy, K1D, Saskia & Darrell Cole

A couple of months ago Havana Club invited four Belgian artists (Darrell Cole, Krisy, K1D & Saskia) to travel to Cuba and make an EP with some local artists. They stayed in Cuba for a week and also had some time to discover the local culture. Antwerp-based rapper Darrell Cole who has roots in Sierra Leone was suprised with the fact that the Cuban society and culture has so much in common with the African culture. “It was the second time I visited and I really discovered that there a lot of similarities between the Cuban culture and the African culture.” Speaking about the artists that they worked with, K1D mentioned that there is definitely a possibility to work with the Cuban artists outside of this project. “There was this one guy, an extremely talented pianist that we all wanted to bring to Belgium.”

The project is a nice mixture of European hip hop & Afro-Cuban music which features Cuban rapper Afrosideral & singer Daymé Arocena. Check out our personal favorite ‘Encore’ which we played on our bi-weekly radio show SMTH SNDS on BRUZZ & the video for El Presidente below and make sure to give the EP a listen here.



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