The 10 Dopest Belgian Collabs Of 2019

2019 has been a hell of a year for the Belgian music industry, new artist from all over the country have taken the game by storm and some familiar faces are back on the scene, ready to rise to their full potential. It was also the year of some great collaborations and we listen (in our humble opinion) the ten best collabs.

Bros Bros – Melodie ft. Darrell Cole

Antwerp-based producer Bros Bros made a strong entrance when he dropped his debut single ‘Melodie’ featuring none other than fellow Antwerp native Darrell Cole, who also had a great year and signed a deal with American record label Empire earlier this month. Bros Bros‘ smooth, bouncy production and Darrell Cole’s laid-back flow are a perfect match if you ask us and we hope to be hearing more from these two in 2020.

Bringhim – Dogzilla ft. Frank

The name Bringhim might ring a bell if you’ve been following Belgian hip hop for a while as he’s been making music for a very long time, remember his banger Pocahontas or that one time Hamza hopped on his song ‘Lil’ Nigga’ back in 2015. After a pretty long hiatus, the rapper/producer is back in full effect and dropped a new single dubbed ‘Dogzilla’ a couple of weeks ago. Produced by emerging producer Glodi West and featuring Frank, per ususal Bringhim comes through with some witty bars and it seems like he’s ready to prosper the coming year(s).

K1D – Regular ft. TheColorGrey

Released early 2019, we feel like this track got a bit overlooked. Sint-Niklaas based rapper K1D dropped ‘Regular’ as a loosie featuring Antwerp-based singer/rapper/producer TheColorGrey. The two young talents going bar for bar over an impeccable Chuki production is something we could get used to.

Kriticos – Shine ft. New ATL

A couple of months ago Kriticos dropped his debut EP Bemba Chagga which consists of on the one hand afrofusion/afrobeat and on the other hand hiphop/trap. On his project the Brussels-based creative recruited fellow Brussels native New ATL for a track dubbed ‘Shine’. The track has a refreshing sound and the two are a great match which they prove on their new track ‘Africa’ which they dropped on Christmas.

Hamza – God Bless ft. Damso

When you think of Belgian hiphop Hamza & Damso are probably the first names you’ll think of. They both conquered Belgium (and France) in no time and continue to release dope music. ‘God Bless’ is taken from Hamza‘s latest project ‘Santa Sauce II’ & is only their second collaboration ever.

Krankk – Like That ft. Blu Samu & Miss Angel

If you’re into grime you will love this track by Krankk who called on two of Belgium’s dopest rappers Blu Samu & Miss Angel. It’s no secret that the latter MC is very fond of grime but it’s Blu Samu who really suprised us on this track as she came through with a solid verse and refreshing flow adding that extra tad of spice to the track.

Wavey Vayn – Myself ft. Manzo Soul

We first found out about Manzo Soul & Wavey Vayn when we saw their impressive ’22 Minutes’ session (S/O Twenty Second Vintage) and have been keeping our eyes on them ever since. Earlier this month they dropped a new song dubbed ‘Myself’, a dope self-love anthem produced by their frequent collaborator and emerging producer Anders.

Vinci – 15K ft. Jay MNG

Leuven-based rapper Vinci is without a doubt one of the most promising Flemish rappers and this track with Jay MNG is a straight banger. 15K sees the two young rappers delivering high-quality verses over a dark, trappy beat by Dyce.

Glodi West – Only 1 & Only ft. Tawsen & New ATL

Glodi West is one of Belgium’s best producers and 2019 has been a great year for him. He produced Tawsen’s latest banger ‘Safe Salina’ and released a well-received EP dubbed ‘Lights’. Stand-out track ‘Only 1 & Only’ might be our favourite Belgian track of the year as it has a really dope rhythm the New ATL – Tawsen combination works like magic.

Zwangere Guy – R.A.F. ft. Miss Angel

Technically this is not a collab but we truly believe Miss Angel‘s contribution to Zwangere Guy’s ‘R.A.F.’ is iconic and is something that will go down in Belgian rap history. Being able to add more energy to a track that is already so energetic is a skill not a lot of people own but Antwerp native Miss Angel sure does.


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