15 Belgian Artists To Watch In 2020

2019 was a big year for the Belgian hiphop/r&b scene & most definitely for Yung Mavu, Zwangere Guy & Bryan MG. Last year was also a year filled with debut offerings from very promising artists who are ready to rise to their full potential in 2020. We listed 15 Belgian artists who should be on your radar in 2020.

Darrell Cole

Darrell Cole is one of the pioneers of Belgian hip hop and it looks like this new decade will be filled with blessings for the Sierra Leonion-Belgian rapper. In 2019 Cole linked up with Havana Club & made a smooth EP with Krisy, Saskia, K1D & local Cuban artists. At the end of the year he signed to the prestigious American record label Empire Records and he recently comfirmed (via IG) that he will be releasing a new album in 2020 which will feature production from emerging producer Samuel Kareem amongst others.


The name Bringhim might ring a bell if you’ve been following Belgian hip hop for a while as he’s been making music for a very long time, remember his banger Pocahontas or that one time Hamza hopped on his song ‘Lil’ Nigga’ back in 2015. After a pretty long hiatus, the rapper/producer is back in full effect and dropped a new single dubbed ‘Dogzilla’ a couple of weeks ago. Produced by emerging producer Glodi West and featuring Frank, per ususal Bringhim comes through with some witty bars and it seems like he’s ready to prosper the coming year(s)


Only 18, Jaffa made a big impression when she dropped her debut single ‘Interdit’. Influenced by oldschool rap and r&b and blessed with an angelic voice she created a unique sound. The young artist also works closely with Zediam aka Iamnot aka one of the founding members of Soul’art who produced both her singles. We’re definitely curious to hear more from these two young talents.


If you’re looking for music that will enchant you, look no further because Meyy‘s debut single Angelic Lies does just that. Her angelic voice and deep, mysterious lyrics will suck you in, craving for more compelling soundscapes. Well, luckily for you and us there is more coming. On January 17th the 19-year-old singer will be releasing her sophomore single ‘Common Love’ and she’s working on a lot of new music alongside her go-to producer l‘étreinte.

Manzo Soul

We first found out about Manzo Soul when we saw his impressive ’22 Minutes’ session (S/O Twenty Second Vintage) alongside frequent collaborator Wavey Vayn and have been keeping our eyes on him ever since. His hypnotic debut single EX racked up over 3 million views in less than 3 months. He recently dropped his sophomore single ‘The One’ and is working on a lot of new material to drop a project in 2020.

Wavey Vayn

Wavey Vayn dropped his debut EP ‘Midnight Sadness’ last summer, a collection of melancholic, bass-heavy love songs which are best played after midnight. On his latest singles Wood & Halle Berry the young rapper/singer showcases his versatility as he spits some dope verses.


Belgium producer/rapper & Rewind-member Dyce dropped his debut EP ‘Y’ earlier this year. Clocking in at just under 20 minutes with 6 self-produced songs, the project is a great introduction to the young rapper’s lifestyle, mind and work ethic. We have a strong feeling that 2020 might be a real good year for Dyce.

Mae Hills

Antwerp-based artist Mae Hills describes his music as modern rap with catchy melodies and a lot of melancholy and we couldn’t describe it any better. He left a big impression when he dropped his debut single ‘Lone Wolf’ on which he tackles his troubled youth and embraces being the odd one out. The young artist has a unique story to tell and it won’t be long until Belgium (& the world) will be listening.


If you’re into smooth trap, Belgium-based rapper New ATL has got you covered. He’s been dropping music for a while and it’s safe to say that 2019 was a big year for him. The young artist dropped a few dope collaborations with Siroj & Kriticos. Towards the end of the year he was dropping some teasers of music he’s working on via IG and we can assure you, 2020 will be an even bigger year for the emerging artist.


Back in October, Brussels-based artist Kriticos dropped his debut EP ‘Bemba Chagga’. The title of the project refers to his roots as his father is Bemba, a Zambian tribe and his mother is Chagga, a tribe from Northern Tanzania. Those African influences can definitly be heard throughout the EP, which is a mixture of new age hip hop and afrobeat. The young artist also has a record label called Big Daddy Records and with his international sound we can definitely see him having success in Belgium & way beyond.

Bros Bros

Antwerp-based producer Bros Bros made a strong entrance when he dropped his debut single ‘Melodie’ featuring none other than fellow Antwerp native Darrell Cole. The beatsmith continued to drop dope tracks with Oforios & Jon The Gold & is ready to take over 2020 with some dope international collaborations.


Brussels-based singer Tawsen sounds like nobody you’ve ever heard before. He combines raï, pop & hip hop and it’s that sound that got him a deal with Universal and a solid fanbase. His latest single Safe Salina racked up more than 100 000 streams and the accompanying video garnered over 500 000 views on YouTube. The young artist has a unique, global sound which will definitely take him places.

Lil Skid

Lil Skid first made a name for himself back in 2017 when he dropped ‘Not A Human’. Fast forward 2020, he’s dropped two critically acclaimed EPs and a co sign from Bringhim. Barely 19, the young rapper dropped his latest EP ‘Gloom Butcher’ on January 1st and is ready and determined to introduce music lovers to his unique trap-infused sound.

Lous and The Yakuza

A couple of years ago Lous and The Yakuza was already making a name for herself but she needed some time to find the path that was destined for her. Back in full effect, the 23-year old artist will be dropping her debut album in 2020 & a couple of weeks ago she shared her latest single dubbed ‘Tout Est Gore’. Produced by El Guincho, the track is buzzing and so are the aesthetically breathtaking visuals.

Martha Da’ro

Martha Da’ro‘s debut EP is most definitely a project everyone’s waiting for. Her debut single Summer Blues had music-loving Belgium in awe. Her follow-up Sugarman did not disappoint and the young singer performed at almost every big Belgian festival. We can assure you that her liveshows are breathtaking, we just hope the EP drops in 2020 and that the whole world can fully enjoy the gem that is Martha Da’ro.

These artists are just a small selection of what the Belgian scene currently has to offer. Other acts that are most likely to drop dope projects include Wayi, TheColorGrey, Loyk, K1D, Dvtch Norris, Wawa, Skitt, Roedel, YellowStraps, Afia, Sevens, CJ, Frenetik, Miss Angel, Kobo, Leo Fifty Five & Unis.


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