Premiere: Kitbogha Recruits UNIS For Soothing Debut Single ‘Troubled Minds’

The name Kitbogha might not a ring a bell, but this emerging producer will be taking the Belgian scene by storm soon. For his debut single ‘Troubled Minds’, he got in the studio with Ghent-based songstress UNIS who blessed the track with her haunting vocals.

“I met UNIS through my friend Dahr who was recording with her at the time. She listened to my forthcoming EP and really loved this track called Rainy Sunday Feels. I told her I would like to hear her voice on that track. The rest is history, I feel like she brought the track to a whole different level & she added much more depth to it. We will definitely be releasing more tracks together in the future”, Kitbogha adds.

Give the track a listen below.

‘Troubled Minds’ is out on all platforms 27/03.


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