FLIPMODE 008: Kevin Kofii

FLIPMODE is a mix series dedicated to edits, remixes & flips of 90s, 00s and current r&b and hip hop songs. For this 8th instalment Antwerp-based DJ/producer Kevin Kofii (the brain behind Kofiipauze) who masters the art of remixing like no other, provides us with a smooth mix of his own edits and some of his favorite baile funk & amapiano edits by the likes of Hagan, Chamos, Bavr, DJ Kwamzy & many more.

First edit you ever heard?

I remember back when I used to dance a lot of producers were remixing songs. I remember us training and doing battles on beats from Sha-shu, FS Green, Boddhi Satva & many more.

Edit that made you want to create your own edits?

I don’t really have that one edit that made me do it, but I remember One of my inspirations where  the Vandalized edits.

First edit you ever made?

The real first edit is the “swimming bills” on my soundcloud. I downloaded ableton and just started doing stuff.

Ingredients for a good edit?

Personally I like remixes / edits from tracks that intentionally wheren’t really clubs tracks and a producer flipped it into a “club banger” or oldskool rnb/ hiphop tracks that are poured into a new style.For example Franchise – Power. Or Tera Kora’s Whine up

Edit you’re most proud of?

I think the 151 Rum edit with Vitus Tribe.I fell in love with JID’s original track and thought Vitus Tribe was the best match for making edit. I also love the missy elliot remix Bavr and I did for saturday selects. It’s a remix that contains missy Elliots work it and Watskeburt.

Favourite edit?

My favorite edit depends from moment to moment. But 1 edit that comes to mind right now is :Champion – badderman riddim

Who would you want to make an edit with?

There are a few people I would love to collab with. A few names are FS Green ,Tera Kora , BRII and Lorkestra.

Belgian song you would love to remix?

I really love Hamza’s Addiction, but have no idea how to remix it for now 

What can u tell us about the mix u made?

The mix contains some of my own edits/ collabs mixed with some amapiano and Baile funk edits.


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