Five Live Sessions To Ease Your Soul During Lockdown

2020 has been a strange year to say the least. Covid-19 has forced us all to live a different life. Beyond unsettling our minds, the current pandemic disrupts our souls in ways we are just beginning to understand. As most of Europe has slipped into a second lockdown it is nearly impossible to have intense social experiences.

We know we’re not alone when we say that we are missing the excitement of going to concerts & festivals. We know live sessions on YouTube are not quite the real deal but to ease your soul and to get your spirits up we have selected five top notch live sessions.

UMI – Introspection Live Show

If this 40-minute live show doesn’t bring you peace, we don’t know what will. UMI‘s vibe is contagious & she immediately sets the mood as she urges us to do some breathing excercises with her. Once arrived in the beautiful backyard to join her all-female band she introduces us to her heavenly voice. Lush green surroundings & beautiful music is a combination that will always ease our souls and we hope it will ease yours too. If you loved this session make sure to check out her YouTube channel for more live performances.

FKJ: Ylang Ylang EP (Live Session)

Filmed in his gorgeous home studio, multifaceted musician FKJ performed five out of six tracks from his 2019 project Ylang Ylang. The french artist can be seen singing, tweaking with his controller pad and playing the guitar, piano and saxophone for his multilayered cuts. He’s also joined by collaborator Bas for their joint ‘Risk’ while the rest of the setlist includes ’10 Years Ago’, ‘Ylang Ylang’, ‘Brother’ and ‘100 roses’.

North Hill Sessions: Amaru

Paris-based singer Amaru perfoms her two latest singles ‘Not Average’ & ‘Don’t Promise’ assisted by a super talented live band in the North Hill clothing store for the first edition of their MP4. Sessions.

DDW x Homegrown: Reinel Bakole

Emerging singer Reinel Bakole never fails to impress us. Pre-Covid we attended her intimate live session at a little bar in Brussels called Bonnefooi and it was enchanting to say the least. In this ‘Homegrown’ session she gifts us an amazing live rendition of ‘Will You’, taken from her debut EP ‘A Gal On The Moon’.

Tim Wes: Life At LOLA

Inspired by & recorded on his houseboat LOLA, ‘Life At LOLA’ is the incredible live rendition of Tim Wes‘ 2018 EP ‘Lola’. The sessions are more than a sonic experience. The multifaceted Dutch singer & his live band create a whole universe in which spectators can get lost and forget about life’s complexities.

For those of you who can’t enough of these amazing live sessions we’re gifting you more gems: Summer Walker‘s session for Tito’s Made To Order & 6lack‘s Miller Music Amplified session.


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