50 Cent Explains Why He Feels ‘Many Men’ Is The Most Influential Song Of 2020

Last week, Spotify named 50 Cent‘s classic ‘Many Men’ the most influential song of 2020. Despite the track being nearly 20 years old, it’s timelessness is undeniable & new life was breathed into the classic track when rappers 21 Savage and Pop Smoke put their twist on the record.

During a recent interview for Spotify’s RapCaviar the legendary rapper explained why the song has reasonated with hip hop’s younger generation. “Many Men” was the slowest track on Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which is fitting for today’s music. “Because it fits production-wise now. Musically now, things are slower,” said 50. “They like rapping to R&B beats. So it provides more space for them to make changes in the cadences.” Watch the full segment below.


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