Four Acts You Can’t Miss At Fifty Lab’s Digital Festival

Last year Brussels-based creative music PR agency Five Oh held it’s first edition of the two-day smart curation festival Fifty Lab curated alongside some of Europe’s finest festivals such as Best Kept Secret, Dour, Melt Festival and many others. Due to Covid-19 this years edition will be held online and boasts an all Belgian line-up of twelve promising acts. Here are four perfomances you don’t want to miss.


If you’re looking for music that will enchant you, look no further because Meyy does just that. Her angelic voice and deep, mysterious lyrics will suck you in. If you want to get warmed up for her performance give her debut EP ‘Spectrum’ a spin

Reinel Bakole

Reinel Bakole is a young Belgian-raised, London-based singer-songwriter who recently released her impressive debut EP. Her on-stage energy is very compelling and because the young artist also dabbles in dance she naturally shines on stage while performing her music.


Brussels-based rapper Frenetik is one of the most exciting new names in French rap. Late April he made first appearance on Skyrock’s ‘Planete Rap’ which was his first big feat. In May he dropped his debut EP ‘Brouillon’ which turned a lot of heads. His impressive storytelling skills and intense flow landed him a Colors performance which garnered more than 1 million views.


Fans of the chanson française will love Iliona as she effortlessly delivers a modern take on the genre. While only having released three singles so far, she is viewed as one of the biggest Belgian talents, because of her enchanting voice & mesmerizing lyrics.

Fifty Lab starts at 4 PM CET & you can be on the front row for all 12 performances here. Enjoy.


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