Watch Reinel Bakole & The Solar 3’s Stellar Visual EP ‘Closer To Truth’

Just last year Brussels-based songstress Reinel Bakole introduced us to her soothing vocals & introspective lyrics with her debut EP ‘A Gal On The Moon’ & now she’s back with an impeccable visual EP dubbed ‘Closer To Truth’. For this project she teamed up with Brussels artist Shungu, DJ Chris Ferreira and Sam Van Binsbergen. Thus was formed Reinel Bakole and The Solar 3.

Each track of the EP is a new phase of her introspective journey. Very faithful to her inner reflections, she explores the meanders of the conscious, the preconscious, the subconscious and the invisible through the Freudian theory and the ancestral rites of her Congolese tribe of origin, the Bashi

Attaching great importance to the visual aspect and aesthetics of her work, Reinel surrounded herself with a team composed mainly of Afro-diasporic creatives who share her vision of promoting a visionary, avant-garde and deconstructive look at the youth of the African diaspora. Working closely together, they have produced a 13-minute short film to embellish her highly anticipated multidisciplinary EP – mixing her love for music, writing, dance and theater.

Discover the visual EP below.


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