Apéros By Dépôts Chics: Giving Underground Artists The Attention They Deserve

A couple of weeks ago a new project saw the light of day at Tea & Eat in Brussels. Brussels-based party planner/curator Mehdi Ashby had the idea to give young artists the recognition they deserve and showcase their work at a nice location with some accompanying drinks and snacks. For the first edition of Apéros by Dépôts Chics, Brussels-based painter Cash aka Carl Hultin got the chance to display his work.

Text & pictures by Armelle Mintona

Ashby and his crew are no strangers to Brussels’ party scene. Two years ago they started the party concept La Premice at Bloody Louis, one of Brussels’ coolest nightclubs. After all this partying and late nights, he tells us he wants to focus on something else now. “Art deserves more attention. Not everbody gets a chance to display his work in a gallery or a concert hall. I started Dépôts Chics for those artists.”

Bobo Chic

Thanks to his extensive cirle of friends Ashby doesn’t have to worry about a low turnout. The young party planner/curator wants to set a Bobo-chic mood with an urban touch. “It’s all about contrast. I don’t want my parties to get boring, it’s important to keep your audience interested if you want to attract new people. All kind of artists will take part in Dépôts Chics. Painters, photographers, singers,… they are all welcome.”

Young & Talented

Carl Hultin aka Cash, is a Brussels-based painter with roots in Zimbawbe and Sweden. Hultin mainly makes portaits of people who inspire him. In his collection you will find portraits of Nelson Mandela, Ray Charles, Keith Harring and Walt Disney. While studying architecture, he never thought about becoming a painter. “I never had any ambition to become a painter, it just happened. I also do some modelling, but it’s always nice when I get the chance to showcase my paintings and drawings.” Cash isn’t your everyday painter. The young artist uses spatulas and biros to create his portraits and that way of working has become his trademark over the years. If you happen to be in Brussels, pass by Tea & Eat and check out Carl Hultin‘s portraits. Check out some pictures from the first edition of Apéros by Dépôts Chics below.

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For the next edition of Dépôts Chics (August 28th) Mehdi Ashby invites Brussels-based painter Nicolas A. Weber. For more information on the event, head here. See you there!


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