Belgian Photographer Teams Up With Haitian Artist Collective To Turn Tarot Cards Into Real Scenes

Alice Smeets is one of Belgium’s most promising photographers, in 2008 she won the won the UNICEF Photo of the Year award and now she’s back with a series that will completely blow your mind. For her latest endeavour she took to Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince where she teamed up with an artist collective called atis rezistans. ‘The Ghetto Tarot’ is a photographic interpretation of the traditional tarot deck transformed into real scenes using only locally sourced materials. The project has already been fully funded on IndieGoGo with plenty of time left but to support this incredible initiative you can get your own 78-card deck of Ghetto Tarot cards for just 32 euros. Check out some pictures below and learn more about The Ghetto Tarot here.

The Ghetto Tarot 1 The Ghetto Tarot 2 The Ghetto Tarot 3 The Ghetto Tarot 4 The Ghetto Tarot 5 The Ghetto Tarot 6 The Ghetto Tarot 7

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