Discover Antwerp’s Hidden Gems With Palladium Explorers Emmanuel Cole & Georgia LA

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about the #PalladiumExplorers campaign by the iconic French footwear brand Palladium. now Emmanuel Cole & Georgia LA have unveiled their off-the-beaten path guide to Antwerp. Accompanied by Antwerp aficionado Joy Anna Thielemans the duo went dancing at Stadslimiet, had coffee at Normo and ate healthy fastfood at Raw Salad Company. Photographer Emmanuel Cole also met up with emerging Belgian photographer Michiel Pieters to do some urban exploring and capture the beauty of Antwerp which resulted in a series of stunning pictures. Check out some photographs below and read all about Emmanuel Cole & Georgia LA’s adventures in Antwerp here.

Palladium 1 Palladium 2 Palladium 3 Palladium 4 Palladium 5 Palladium 6 Palladium 7 Palladium 8

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