Baloji Curates Sunglasses Collection For Komono

Komono‘s latest capsule collection is curated by the charismatic Belgian-based artist Baloji. Critically acclaimed for his modern interpretation of Congolese music, Baloji infused his savvy and modern style into 4 unique styles of Komono sunglasses. The collection embraces African elegance, of its era and current trends while drawing from a past colonial aesthetic model, that remains constant as a powerful inspiration and influence. This refinement implies a kind of exuberance because it defies racial and social categorisation. Gold because it has that ostentatious quality, yet the malachite remains dominant and sometimes resembles a green African tortoiseshell. Check out the lookbook below and cop your favorite pair via

Komono 5 Komono 1 Komono 2 Komono 3 Komono 4 Komono 6


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