Kendrick Lamar Interviews The Legendary Quincy Jones

Just as Kendrick Lamar was lucky enough to converse with pioneer hip hop legends N.W.A. about a month ago, the Compton native also got a chance to sit down with the even more legendary Quincy Jones for the new issue of Hypetrak Magazine. In the behind the scenes clip below Quincy schools K. Dot on the origins of rap music, talks about the Thriller sessions with Michael Jackson and speaks on being an early champion of the fusion of hip hop and jazz that Kendrick continued on To Pimp A Butterfly. Throughout he offers the young rapper a number of priceless gems that could only come from an icon with with over 50 years in the game and 27 Grammys on his shelf.

Find out more about the pair’s meeting here and pick up a copy of Hypetrak Magazine for more.


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