Confined With David Jacowbski

Can you recall the last time you’ve had this much time on your hands? Us neither and sometimes you might find yourselves bored & uninspired. In our new series ‘Confined With’ we’ll be asking some of our favourite creatives how they’re doing & what they’re listening to, reading, watching & streaming during lockdown seaon. First up is Leuven-based photographer, director & dancer David Jacowbski.

Hey David, how are you coping with this situation?

I have mixed feelings. I’m somebody who likes to be busy at all times. On one hand I feel nervous because I have less to do but on the other hand it’s a good moment for me to relax and spend more time on stuff that really matters like my girlfriend and even myself. I’m happy that I finally have the time to educate myself more on the things I’ve been wanting to learn for so long but Always have been postponing. These are scary times for independent workers like myself but as I mentioned before I prefer to focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative since money isn’t everything.

Does the confinement have any silver linings for you?

I think it’s important that people realize that the world needed this. I don’t mean the disease but us slowing down because most us were living live without reflecting on it. I think mother nature desperately needed this break too. Besides these aspects I hope we all learn about treasuring the people in our surroundings more.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when all this is over?

I can’t name one thing. I think I would just love to be able to hang out with my closest friends somewhere outside, preferably enjoying a beautiful sunset & a bottle of Somersby.

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