Confined With KATE HOUSH

Can you recall the last time, you’ve had this much time on your hands? Us neither and sometimes you might find yourselves bored & uninspired. In our new series ‘Confined With’ we’ll be asking some of our favourite creatives how they’re doing & what they’re listening to, reading, watching & streaming during lockdown season. Today we talk to one of Belgium’s leading stylists, the Antwerp-based Kate Housh.

Hey Kate, how are you coping with this situation?

I was actually travelling through Thailand with 2 of my friends when things escalated over here so we had to fly back a week earlier. It was stressful dealing with everything over there, and making the choice to come back early, but we’re happy we got to be in a exotic sunny place before going in lockdown. I’m doing a lot of soul searching, just allowing my mind to rest, and trying to create a place of self discovery. I think it’s an important time for all of us, to evaluate ourselves, in all areas of life. My work has either been postponed or cancelled, so i’m just trying to stay positive, and work on my craft even more, go over my business plan, seeing where my future self can improve.

Does the confinement have any silver linings for you?

I think being in touch with who I am as a creative and woman, is very liberating at this point. I think the world needed this, the slowing down. It’s a moment to stop and think, breathe, focus on the important things in life.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when all this is over?

Me and my girlfriends have made a pact that as soon as we’re allowed outside again, we’re going to our favorite sushi place in Antwerp, Fugu. it has the best cocktails and the food is so so good.

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