Confined With AMIN SRASRA

Can you recall the last time you’ve had this much time on your hands? At times you might feel bored & uninspired. In our new series ‘Confined With’ we’ll be asking some of our favorite creatives how they’re doing & what they’re listening to, reading, watching & streaming during lockdown season. Today we talk to Kortrijk-based teacher, dancer & all-round creative Amin Srasra.

Hey Amin, how are you coping with this situation? 

Four months ago I had a knee injury, I couldn’t move my leg for seven weeks. Before the confinement I had already started my rehabilitation, I was halfway through. Kind of weird to say, but I’m already used to this situation. The difference now is that I can walk, and can begin dancing gradually and doing sports again. I’m excited! As an artist it’s quite difficult because I had several projects running and I had to put everything on hold. I’m using this time to reflect and look for new challenges. I have some other projects which I can really focus on now. It’s also a great time to connect with other artists/dancers, it’s a small battle we could share amongst creative people. It’s nice to see that people are really challenging themselves and continue to be creative thanks to online platforms.

Does the confinement have any silver linings for you?

A friend of mine started making mouthmasks for people that needed them and hospitals nearby. I asked her if she needed some help, so I’ve been doing that for a while now. It’s cool to give back to the community and to help people out. Now I’m making some for the cystic fibrosis departement in Ghent, which is important for me because of personal matters. It’s also a really great time to think about several things; what does the future look like? Do I like what I’m doing now? Could I see myself doing other things? Where are we going? I’m quite the positive one (which some people tend to find annoying). I really think this is an important time to stay safe and think about our main goals in life.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when all this is over?

The first thing I’m going to do is go to my mom’s place and give her a big hug. Thank god for social media but nothing compares to a good old hug from her. I also want to organise a workshop, hopefully by then I’m fully recovered so I can spread some creativity through dance.

Click the visual below to find out about Amin Srasra’s favorite albums, books, tv shows & much more.


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