Confined With Kitbogha

Can you recall the last time you’ve had this much time on your hands? At times you might feel bored & uninspired. In our new series ‘Confined With’ we’ll be asking some of our favorite creatives how they’re doing & what they’re listening to, reading, watching & streaming during lockdown season. Today we talk to Kortrijk-based producer Dennis Baptist AKA Kitbogha who also dropped his debut EP today.

Hey Dennis, how are you coping with the situation?

At first I didn’t see the severity of the whole crisis. My life continued as it was, except that I had to work from home which I didn’t enjoy at all. It’s important for me to seperate work from my personal life & space. This wasn’t the case any longer because my creative space also became my work place so after my 9-5 I kept feeling the work vibe. Nevertheless I kept creating & practicing. I haven’t been making a lot of music since the corona crisis. Focusing on my musical skills is my priority right now. Aside from the music stuff I also had some fun with scans I made two years ago from astrophysics books. I eventually used them for the countdown of my EP.

Does the confinement have any silver linings for you?

There’s one thing I wished for before this crisis happened and that was more time for myself. The universe sure heard me this time. I’m making more creative stuff every day so I’m happy about that. I’m also not worrying about job opportunities. It’s weird but the feeling of uncertainty is kind of exciting.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when all this is over?

I think the same thing everyone will do which is visiting family and friends.

Click the visuals below to find out about Kitbogha’s favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts & much more.




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