Confined With JOELLE WHITE (Girls Need Love)

Can you recall the last time you’ve had this much time on your hands? At times you might feel bored & uninspired. In our new series ‘Confined With’ we’ll be asking some of our favorite creatives how they’re doing & what they’re listening to, reading, watching & streaming during lockdown season. Today we talk to Toronto-based music curator Joelle White. In 2018 she founded the incredible Girls Need Love platform in her hometown Toronto. We had a little chat with her & asked her about her favorite books, tv shows, albums & much more.

Hey Joelle, how are you coping with this situation?

I find that I’m coping really well. I’m staying committed to practicing yoga twice a week via Zoom sessions, I put rest as a top priority for me because it’s something that I’ve put on the back burner for a while which is probably why I’m Always burnt out, physically & mentally. I’m also coping by keeping up with friends and family & trying to keep an open line of communication with everyone during this time. Lastly I’m creating time to get back on old projects but pacing myself so that I don’t lose creative sight or passion.

Does the confinement have any silver linings for you?

Yes, I’ve been able to establish a routine to do things that I’ve been lacking on such as cooking healthy meals for myself, making time for my brand to implement new strategies. What’s also a great advantage is that you can connect with people and build meaningful relationships without the hassle of meeting up and checking availability.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when all this is over?

Call up my friends and go to my favorite restaurant!

Click the visual below to find out about Joelle White’s favourite albums, tv shows, podcasts & much more.


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